Are pilot whales and dolphins related?



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    Absolutely. Pilot Whales are oceanic dolphins and second only in size to killer whales, though with only about a third the teeth of other dolphin species. Most species of dolphin have around 120 teeth while pilot whales top out between 40 and 50. These larger members of the dolphin family are known as blackfish and are primarily squid eaters. Pilot whales, of which there are long-finned and short-finned varieties share traits with both dolphins and killer whales. Pilot whales are the most notorious oceanic stranders. This means that they strand themselves on beaches more often than any other cetacean.

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    Pilot whales are a member of the dolphin family more formally known as “Delphinidae.”
    There are 36 types of dolphins, some of which have the name “whale” in them like the pilot
    whale and also the killer whale. Both of these
    are classified as dolphins because of their curved dorsal fins, size, elongated snout, and conical

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