Are pigeons the dirtiest bird in the world?



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    No. People associate pigeons with filth because they’re city animals that won’t hesitate to eat our refuse. But they’re really not any “dirtier” than any other species of bird. Pigeons preen themselves and maintain their feathers just like other birds, and often take baths. Also, they are wild animals, and wild animals aren’t concerned with human concepts of “dirtiness”. It’s true that they can carry viruses such as such as Chiamdiosis and Psittacosis, but almost any given animal is capable of harboring disease. Besides, they actually act as cleaners in our cities, eating massive quantities of refuse that we don’t properly dispose of ourselves.

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    Pigeons are extremely dirty birds, and should not be handled by anyone unless they work with birds, and know the precautions that should be taken in handling them.  Still, there is always a risk in handling pigeons – people have died from the harmful diseases carried by pigeons.  I am not promoting hurting or killing these birds – they have just as much a right to live as anyone else, and are not a risk unless you handle them in which case you are gambling with your own health.

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      You blithely assert: “Pigeons are extremely dirty birds” and then you offer two citations neither of which support your assertion. Based on these facts it appears that you are a person who offers ignorant opinions as scientific fact.

      As another poster here has noted, any animal can carry disease (and by the way that includes human beings.)

      We’d be better off trusting the expressions of a bird’s brain . . than your unsupported assertions.

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