Are pesticides dangerous do dogs?



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    Pesticides can be dangerous to dogs. When used improperly, pesticides can cause skin irritation, central nervous system (brain) issues, cancer, birth defects, and liver and kidney damage. Pesticides often poison dogs (and cats as well) more than humans because dogs have their noses to the ground in their yard a lot, not to mention they’re much closer to the ground than we are.

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    Chemical pesticides are not only dangerous to dogs, cats and other animals but to human children and adults as well. 

    Pesticides include any substance or mixture of substances intended to reduce, eliminate or inhibit any pest.

    Natural pesticides can work effectively against pests without harming members of your family.

    Nematodes are microscopic worms that are inexpensive to purchase and can be spread over soil to naturally eliminate pests such as fleas and ants. Nematodes are too small to harm animals or humans and pose no threat to the environment.

    An excess of Nematodes can inhibit plant grown. Be cautious of where you spread these worms; a yard of bark dust, dirt, gravel, sand or other non-plant material where your animals play and exercise is a safe place for nematodes.



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