Are pesticides causing mass extinction?



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    While pesticides have been used for decades, and studies have shown that they have caused some problems for certain species, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they are causing mass extinction.  The term mass extinction is reserved for events in which many species on earth go extinct, something that is not happening today.  Despite the fact that pesticides are not causing a mass extinction, they are still something we should think about.  The link I have included below discusses alternatives to chemical pesticides.

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    The problem with pesticides is actually the opposite of extinction.  They are making things stronger.  Living creatures evolve by generation.  Bugs have a much smaller generation span than humans do.  So heres the problem:

    We use pesticides. Bugs evolve to become more immune to the pesticides (obviously because they go through so many generations in a single crop season)  

    So stronger, more toxic pesticides must be created.  Bugs get more immune through evolution

    So again, we have to create stronger, more toxic pesticides.

    Humans on the other hand have not built up resistance at all.  So were just eating food that is sprayed with extremely toxic residue.  

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