Are people that spend more time in nature more healthy?



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    Certainly. Time spent in nature generally requires physical activity such as walking, hiking, biking, or climbing. Physical activity, exercise, keeps people healthier given a certain diet. Moreover, time spent in nature is generally time spent without easy access to highly-processed high fat and sugar foods, which tend to make people unhealthy.

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    Not necessarily.  Just because people spend time outdoors or in nature does not mean that they aren’t doing other harmful activities.  There may be a higher positive correlation between people who enjoy outdoor activities and health, but the opposite could also be true.  Take for example someone who enjoys camping, but while camping she downs a 24 pack of beer, leaves the cans at the campsite for the bears to find and smokes cigarettes, flinging ashes and leaving butts all over the ground.  Or the mountain climber who spends his entire Saturday scaling various peaks in his area, cleans up all his trash from the day but then goes home and eats McDonalds or a largely meat-based dinner. 

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