Are people with low Vitamin D levels subject to more colds?



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    Comprimised immunes systems are not listed as a side effect of vitamin D deficiency.  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to rickets, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.  One cause of vitamin D deficiency is that people do not get enough sun exposure, especially in the winter.  Being inside, in a stuffy building that doesn’t get enough air exchange (especially in winter) has been associated with colds, so that could be a link, but not cause and effect.

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    People with low levels of Vitamin D may suffer from more colds because the immune system depends on Vitamin D to fight off viruses. Our immune system uses special cells called T cells to fight off viruses and bacteria. T cells contain a receptor for Vitamin D. If there is not enought vitamin d in the body to attach to the T cells, the cells will not be activated to mobilize and to fight off threats.

    Vitamin D is crucial to activate the T cells to defend the body against viruses, including the Common Cold.

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    On top of contact with the sun, alternative ways to acquire vitamin D is actually totally obvious – food. A lot of people believe that consuming food sources of vitamin D is not needed given that direct sunlight is definitely accessible and merely 15 to 20 minutes of exposure to the direct sun light is enough stay away from vitamin D deficiency. Nonetheless, the current chaotic way of life which request inconsistent labor timings impart us with not much time for natural light subjection. It’s no surprise that, vitamin D deficiency is usual in the metropolitan society. Poor vitamin D concentrations might make the bone fragments weak and also raise the potential risk of brittle bones.

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