Are people done worrying about the recession yet, so they can get back to thinking about global warming?



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    Right now the US national unemployment rate is at 10%, a number that has stayed constant for a couple months and is not expected to change singnificantly in the next few. Notably, that number does not include underemployed persons and persons not seeking employment, such as students and at-home parents, whose numbers have swelled during the current economic hardships. Their return to the workforce (presumably when the job market improves) will help maintain that roughly 10% unemployment for quite some time.

    While there are a great deal of scientists, philanthropists, politicians and other interested persons who think about global warming regularly and (hopefully) productively, it is very difficult for persons without steady income for themselves or those close to them to think about anything other than a return to a healthy, happy life. Until that happens, global warming will be an afterthought for many Americans. Hopefully, the economic recovery can coincide with environmental efforts that make such a recovery a green one, and not something that does damage to our environment.


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    The important thing to remember is that there are so many acts of enivronmentalism that also save money:

    1.Increase fuel efficiency in your car by maintaining it properly, keeping the tires inflated, and lightening the load.

    2. Make your own natural leaning supplies.

    3. Eat more vegetarian meals.

    4. Lower the thermostat

    5. While waiting for the shower to warm, catch the cold water in a bucket to save for later use.

    Most acts take more effort, but are simple and save money.  Thus, despite economic troubles, there are many ways to help the environment.


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