Are people buying a lot of Kindles?



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    Yes, but we may start seeing a small decline with the new i-pad now released. Since the kindle has been out millions have purchased the gadget and billions in profit have been made.

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    Small and convenient, the Kindle has access to thousands of books, blogs, and newspapers available for download, making it one of’s top selling items. In 2008, CitiGroup analyst Mark Mahaney predicted that sales for the device would reach $1 billion by 2010. Now, though, with the release of the iPad, which has internet access as well as all the apps available on the iPhone, sales for the Kindle will most likely drop–at reduced prices, to boot.

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    According to some reports Amazon’s Kindle sold more than 3 million readers by the end of 2009. Analysts predict slower sales for 2010, with 2.5 million. Also by 2011 there might be a user base of 10 million of the Kindle. The US population is 307 million, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not Kindle is selling well.

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