Are pencils still made from trees?



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    No pencils are currently not. Modern pencils are made industrially by mixing finely ground graphite and clay powders, adding water, forming long spaghetti-like strings, and firing them in a kiln. The resulting strings are dipped in oil or molten wax, which seeps into the tiny holes of the material, resulting in smoother writing. A juniper or incense-cedar plank with several long parallel grooves is cut to fashion a “slat,” and the graphite/clay strings are inserted into the grooves. Another grooved plank is glued on top, and the whole assembly is then cut into individual pencils, which are then varnished or painted. Afterwards people can then add personal things like pencil grips and eraser toppers. Eraser toppers are extra erasers that can be removed after being used.

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    Here are some really cool pencils that are made by wrapping old newspapers really tightly around the lead.


    Also, according to this website ( pencils are still made from trees, and roughly 80,000 trees are cut down each year to make 14 billion pencils….that’s a lot of trees.

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