Are pellet stoves an OK source of heat, environmentally? Are fireplaces better?



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    It’s sort of a toss-up, in which the answer depends in the stove’s environment. Wood stoves are not as efficient as pellet stoves, but most pellet stoves run off electricity. Some worry that wood stoves cause pollution, but newer stoves approved by the EPA can eliminate much of this pollution. Provided that the wood is collected responsibly (not by depleting our natural resources), wood stove heating can be more green than pellet stoves, without the use of electricity. However, in homes or locations where wood stoves are not available, pellet stoves can be a convenient alternative. Be sure to check out the article below for more detailed information.

    I think the greenest you can get at this point is to use solar heating panels, which are costly and take years to pay for themselves.


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