Are peacocks as big as turkeys?



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    Wild turkeys range in size from 5.5 to 18.8 pounds. Their wingspans range from 4 to 4.8 feet and body size between 3.6 and 3.8 feet. 

    Peacocks weigh between 8.75 and 13 pounds. Their bodies can range between 35 and 50 inches and their tails can be up to 5 feet long. 

    So, while their tails may be a lot taller than a turkeys, the body of a peacock is not as large. 

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    Generally, Peacocks are biggern in height than turkeys but Turkeys weight more than Peacocks. Peacocks are bigger in height because they have elongated necks and beautiful back feathers that stretch higher than their necks and head. Turkeys are shorter and generally fatter than Peacocks.

    Interestingly enough, a pair of Peacocks once decided to make my backyard their home. They were beautiful, majestic creatures who became comfortable rather fast. I called animal control because I feared for their safety because they would often wander onto the streets. Animal control said there was nothing they could do and if they brought the bird in then they would have to kill it because they do not deal with birds. Unfortunately, I tired my best to keep these beautfiul birds safe but untimately they all died even the children they had because cars drove by carelessly.

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