Are parts of the Colorado river Polluted?



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    Yes, pollution is indeed a problem in the Colorado River, a problem that is often overlooked as more attention is paid to water allocation issues.

    There are three primary types of pollution that concern the Colorado River. First, contaminants from human waste enter the river from major river-side towns in California and Arizona. An overload on septic tanks causes nitrates to seep into the groundwater and eventaully into the Colorado.

    Second is the rocketfuel ingredient perchlorate, which can cause a variety of health problems including disrupting the function of the thyroid and offset hormonal balance. DUring the Cold War, the government produce rock-fuel in Henderson, Nevada, and the contaminants are continuing to leach into the groundwater.

    The third polluting agent is radioactive waste from a facilitity along the Colorado near Moab, Utah, and increasing levels of radioactivity have been measured at the intake for southern California’s drinking water. However, the causation has not been directly linked back to the radioactive storage site.

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    Another odd thing is we greatly altered the ecosystem when we dammed the river. The Colorado used to be very warm and muddy, and native fish were adapted for such a waterway. Now instead it is a very cold, clear river, which is great for the trout we stock it with, but not very good for many native species.

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