Are the particles in water always moving?



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    Yes. All molecules of matter are constantly moving.  The rate at which they move is dictated by heat.  Gas molecules move about very fast and have no order. Water molecules slide past each other, allowing water to take the shape of whatever container they are held in.  Solid molecules move a much smaller amount and sort of jiggle.  Even at absolute zero, the point at which no more heat can be removed, molecules have minimal vibrational motion.

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    Particulate mass within water can, essentially, become still (not the molecules, but the larger pieces) — look at sediment at the bottom of a beach. However, there are still smaller currents that move these particles — they may be still at times, but its near impossible for them to be for any significant period of time.

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    Yes! when it is in a liquid state the particles are moving. When you heat water the particles have more activation energy and move more, that’s why it turns into a gas. When you freeze water the particles will lose activation energy and so they will have very little movement and will turn into a solid ice 🙂

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