Are parents responsible for todays youth and their lack of environmental awareness?



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    Children commonly adopt the political (and in this case, environmental) attitudes of their parents. If a parent is environmentally conscious, then they will probably pass those habits on to their children. (Just like if a parent has strong opinions about any cause, the child will usually share those beliefs until they get old enough to really evaluate them for themselves). So, yes. Parents are largely responsible for the younger generations environmental awareness (whether it is good or bad).

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    Partially, but a youth is inspired (or uninspired) by many things, not just their parents. While I believe at the core parents should be teaching things like environmental awareness, that is slightly unrealistic of an expectation for the current generation. That generation did not grow up knowing the serous implications of global warming, so they cannot be blamed or not instilling these values upon the youth. Instead the next generation of parents will be the ones teaching their children about the environment.

    The place to blame for the current problems would be schools. They are not based upon action enough, and they do not teach enough about living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

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    The problem is that not everyone, including parents are aware of various environmental issues that affect our community. Perhaps what would really help is to get the media more involved in spreading environmental awareness. This way, both adults and children can get in on the learning process. Perhaps schools should also help in spreading awareness on environmental issues to the youth.

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    Being one today’s “youth” myself, I think it is the other way around. It is our parent’s generation which needs to understand the importance of taking care of the environment; it is our parent’s generation which is currently in control of our political system and has yet to really make a difference in our policies towards environmental conservation and preservation. The green movement, depending on where you live, is an almost inherent part of today’s youth culture. In my house at college, we do must domestic activities with conservation in mind, from turning the lights off, to recycling and composting (even using biodegradable bags!). This is not something my parents do. This is not something most parents do. Because our parents generation does not have as much invested in our future as we do (for we are the ones who will have to live on this planet in the future as they die off), I think it is the youth’s responsibility to stress the importance of eco-friendliness to our parents.

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