Are paper shredders eco friendly?



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    To be honest it would be a lot greener to just tear things up by hand. A paper shredder is a machine.  Usually requiring electricity, and it takes materials to make it.  Just tear it by hand!  (Think of it as  a good stress reliever) 

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    Not particularly. The only purpose that it serves is to cut the paper into small bits, but the paper will decompose at the same rate whether it is chopped up or not. Also, shredders require some form of energy to operate.

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    There are eco-friendly versions of a traditional paper shredder, the Hand Crank Shredder.  As you can figure out from the name, you can shred paper by turning the handle on the machine.  In this sense, you can protect your security while not using electricity to do so.

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    Paper shredders are not particularly eco-friendly. They take energy and resources to produce. Also, they generally are electric, but even hand-crank shredders take resources to make. If you want to shred paper, one of the best options is to just cut it up with scissors that you already own.

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