Are paper packages better for the environment than other types?



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    Paper packages can be better for the environment than other options. Currently, packaging accounts for 30% of waste in US landfills. This number can be significantly reduced by utilizing recyclable paper packaging instead of non recyclable plastics. However, the paper used for the packaging must be made from post consumer recycled paper itself and not increase the demand for virgin fiber. Furthermore, reducing the amount of packaging needed altogether, or offering packaging that is returned to the manufacturer after use, represent even better options than paper.

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    Actually, from a post-consumer point of view, the best packaging material you could use is PET (or even better RPET). Paper can easily be recycled, but only so many times, not indefinitely.

    Glass can easily be recycled as well, but because of the weight and fragileness, it is not the greatest material.

    PET (or RPET, which is recycled PET), can be recycled indefenitely. Just be aware of coloured PET, which cannot be recycled.

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