Are paper bags better than plastic bags at the grocery store?



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    Honestly, neither option is very good for the environment. Just use reusable bags made of cotton or hemp instead! That way, you aren’t using plastic which is non biodegradable and paper which is being made by cutting down many trees. And you can keep using the same bag over and over again, making your consumption of the number of bags significantly lesser than if you kept using new plastic and/or paper bags every time you went grocery shopping.

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    If you have to or you forgot your reusable bag, use paper bags. You can reuse them as book covers or wrapping paper. And if you can’t find anything to use them for then you can recycle them

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    Yes, paper bags are not as bad for the environment as plastic bags. Paper bags take about a month to decompose, while plastic bags take about 1,000 years to decompose; however, a teenager discovered a way to make them decompose in only three months.

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