Are panthers bigger than Pumas?



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    Confusingly enough, both the terms “puma” and “panther” are refering to the same group of animals. The term “puma” usually refers to mountain lions or cougars. Although sometimes “panther” is meant to specify the animal we call a “black panther”. This is not an actually species of cat, and is instead usually a leopard or jaguar with a melanistic color variant that gives them a dark color (opposit of albinism). Panther also refers to the genus Panthera which includes lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars. The largest cat in the world is the Siberian Tiger while the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere is the jaguar. Leopards have the distinction as being the smallest of the big cats species. Hope that answers your question. 

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    Panthers and pumas are the same animal, as well as cougars and mountain lions. This cat has so many names because people from around the world have seen it and named it. The name “puma” came from the Incas and “cougar” came from the South Americans. Even though it is fairly big in size, it is considered a small cat species (though the largest of this category). Males are 3-6ft long, 1.9-2.3ft tall, and weigh 147-227lbs. Females are 3-5ft long, same height, and weigh 79-132lbs. 

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