Are solar panels more expensive than wind turbines?



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    Solar panel installation, depending on where you live, can cost anywhre between $35,000 and $72,000.  Federal tax rebates and electric companies often can help lessen the cost of installing a solar system.  On a monthly basis, if you install a solar system, you’ll save up to 20% on your electricty bill.

    Wind turbine installation is less expensive, ranging between $6,000 and $22,000.  However, you must live in an rural area because they are large and take up lots of room.  In an urban setting, smaller ones can be installed but will not produce much energy.  The same financial aid is available through federal rebates and elecric companies like with solar panels.  It takes a lot shorter time to have the wind turbine “pay for itself” in savings.

    To summarize, wind turbines are less expensive but they require a bit more specific conditions to be installed.

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