Are solar panels heavy?



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    Depends on the solar panel. There are now solar panels being produced that are the size of regular roof shingles, which will of course be small and light compared to large solar panels mounted on roofs.

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    Your average 3×5 foot-ish panel weighs 40-50 pounds. Panels of this size are usually rated in the 180-250 watt range.

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    My personal experience, yes! A typical 175 watt panel can weigh as much as 40-50 pounds, which is the think PV panels you typically see on homes. The other type of solar is thin film, this is a lot easier to handle and much lighter than the others. It’s like the old solar shingles, but much longer. It is so light because it has an easy peel and stick application which makes it a lot easier to install, ultimately making it cheaper.

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