Are Panda’s still an endangered species?



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    Yes, very much so. It is estimated that only 1,600 panda’s remain in the wild. These pandas reside in southeast China sharing the landscape with over 300,000 people. Over 2.5 million acres has been set aside as panda sanctuaries. These areas protect over 60% of the panda population.

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    Like cox01 stated, there are only about 1,600 pandas left on Earth. There are several reasons that contribute to the giant panda bear’s endangerment. For instance, pandas have a low reproductive rate – their breeding season is very short, and mothers usually only give birth to one cub at a time. Bamboo shortages have also been affecting pandas’ survival rates. Humans overtake the pandas’ environment, making it harder for them to find bamboo and causing them to starve. Additionally, hunters often kill pandas, many times by accident – snares set for other animals often trap pandas instead. However, scientists are still learning about the giant panda bear every day, and with the help of China and the law, they are working to keep pandas from becoming extinct.

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