Are pallets bad to use for a bonfire?



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    Most pallets are made of very cheap wood, normally untreated pine though sometimes oak.  These are perfectly safe to burn and will actually work quite well.  However, some pallets are painted these should not be burnt as they could give off toxic fumes.  Also, do not burn the pallet if it may have absorbed a spilled chemical at the warehouse.  

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    Where I work, customers often ask to purchase our pallets to use for bonfires.  We are not authorized to resell them for this reason due to the fact that some of the pallets are treated, and therefore are harmful if burned.  On top of that, many of our pallets are spray painted which can also emit toxins into the atmosphere.  This time of year many stores have good deals on bundles of wood, so before burning pallets, I would check that out first!

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