Are oysters a non-renewable resourse?



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    Oysters begin as free swimming plankton. When they get older, they attach to a rock, or flat surface in an area that will sustain their growth. Once an oyster is planted, it can grow for decades. That being said, oysters grow very easily without a lot of effort and there are a lot of them. While no animal is considered a “renewable resource”, oysters are not in danger of becoming extinct and will most likely be around for an extremely long time. 

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    Just as bmalc889 states, oysters are not a renewable resource. In fact, a non-renewable resource is defined as one that cannot be produced, grown, generated, and used on a scale which sustains the rate of consumption. Once a non-renewable resource is depleted it cannot be regenerated, so oysters cannot be considered renewable because it is possible that they go extinct, just as all animal life has the possibility of doing. Interestingly enough, timber is considered a renewable resource, even though it is possible for trees to go extinct. 

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