Are owners manuals for products a waste of paper?



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    I think in some cases it may be necessary to have a paper copy (e.g. for the car in the off chance it breaks down somewhere), but in most cases, it would be quite easy to have the manual online. Obviously, many manuals are already available via the internet, and so reduction in printing of them would be a great way to preserve resources.

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    Yes. Chrysler will be the first automotive company to switch from a paper owner’s manual to a digital version. Chrysler estimates the move to digital will save 930 tons of paper annually, amounting to 20,000 trees. With the new digital age with the younger generations growing up with computers is makes sense to provide an owner’s manual on a CD or providing it for download on the company‚Äôs website. Most manufacturers provide manuals online for download now.

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    Yes, most manuals are a waste of paper. Especially, many of them are printed in more than one language when the eventual user of the manual only reads it in one language. I often see manuals in English and in Spanish, and sometimes other European languages. However, many companies now do not send user manuals with their products and instead make the manuals available for download off of their website in any of the languages needed.

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    It depends on the product.  If it’s for a complex thing, then no, I don’t think it’s a waste of paper because you’ll probably need instructions on functioning/putting it together.  However, if it’s for, say…a stapler…then yes, it’s a waste of paper.

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