Are our emission levels killing animal species?



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    Yes, United Nations scientists confirm that 20 to 30 percent of Earth’s species will be at risk of extinction by 2100 even in spite of greenhouse-gas emissions reductions by 80 percent. Increased temperatures means less sea ice, which poses a problem for species that depend on sea ice for survival. It can also be said that greenhouse gas emissions indirectly kill off species since we need to move to more alternative energy. Alternative energy sources such as wind turbines, solar panels, etc can be said to disrupt species habitats.

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    Emission levels could cause some species of wildlife to die. For example the America pika is one animal that is very sensitive to heat. Greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to an increase in temperature, where the pika has a very narrow range of tolerance for hotter temperatures. They have adapted to living in a colder climate with dense fur for insulation which makes them susceptible to overheating. Global warming has played a role in the extinction of some local pika populations. The increase in temperature also increases droughts, floods, and reduces snowpack which can cause additional problems for many wildlife species.

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