Are our diamond mines different in America than they are in Africa?



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    Currently, there is only 1 diamond mine in the United States.  It can be found in Diamonds State Park, Arkansas.  The mine is controlled by the state of Arkansas and collectors can pay the state a fee to come and dig for diamonds.  Africa, on the other hand, produces about 50% of global diamonds.  The truth is that the diamond trade in Africa is nothing short of hell.  In some countries, i.e. Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia, the mining is a positive thing.  But in most others where diamonds can be found the people suffer.  Slave labor is often used to mine diamonds.  The money given to corrupt governments or rebel forces for their diamonds is used to fund child soldiers and ruin whole villages.  The link below has more information on the perils of diamond mining in Africa.

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