Are our children more environmentally conscious than ever before?



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    I would say yes and I think that the driving cause behind it is climate change. This is a problem that’s more relevant today than ever before, and it will be even more relevant when today’s children become adults.
    “Green” culture comes and goes, and we’re in the middle of a phase where its popular for business to advertise to consumers trying to be green. Hopefully this becomes permanent.

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    Although many parents and schools are teaching children to be environmentally conscious, American parents as a whole are taking their children away from the outdoors more and more these days. Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, interviewed kids throughout the United States and found that many children are distanced from the environment. This is unfortunate because kids who spend time outdoors are much more likely to gain a “deep love of the environment that they carry with them their entire lives” according to environmental educator David Sobel.

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