Are other planets getting warmer like earth?



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    There is a lot of debate on whether or not other planets are experiencing climate change in the same way earth is currently experiencing. Some say that Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto are heating up in recent years amongst others. Yet the problem in suggesting that they are changing is that we do not have a whole lot of information of these planets. We have a basic understanding of our own planet to know how it has a flow of ups and downs, but we do not have a very long history of recorded temperatures on any other planet. In Mars’s case the assumption of warming is based only on two pictures taken 22 year apart from one another. This is not sufficient information to make the claim that the whole planet is warming over time. You could easily make the same argument for Jupiter and Neptune. In Pluto’s case, we really do not know much about it—we just recently realized its not actually a planet. We certainly do not much about its 248-year long orbit around the sun. We cannot assume to understand the climate patterns of this planet (or any other) without studying it for several years (their years). So the claim that other planets are experiencing climate change seems a little ridiculous to me.

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