Are organic mattresses better for your health?



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    Yes, there are health benefits to using an organic mattress.  They do not contain chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions in some people, and are not good to be around in the long run, anyways.  The all natural wool found in most organic mattress serve as a natural dust mite repllent, as well as acts as a good insulator. 

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    It is likely that organic mattresses are better for your health. Many people develop serious allergies to synthetic polyurethane mattresses. Synthetic mattresses are also made with chemicals. As we have found with plastics that leach BPA, is difficult to tell what consequences these synthetics will have for different individuals. Organic mattresses are often made with real wool. This is a natural dust mite repellent, so an organic mattress is likely to have less dust mites.

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    Yes, organic mattresses are healthier. They don’t contain toxic glues, foams or chemically treated fabrics. It’s all about health and there’s a reason behind the hype 😉

    A list of the chemicals found in mattresses can be found in the link below.

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    regular mattresses are concentrated with chemicals in the surface of the mattress and are absorved through the skin which increases the risk of many illneses. Having an organic mattress improves our health since we are not exposed to all those chemicals and the organic mattresses are maded of chemical free, natural materials. Your new mattress should have a supportive density, but also have enough a soft overlay to provide comfort for the joints and muscles.

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