Are organic eggs smaller than the ones you get in the grocery store?



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    Well, it is possible to get organic eggs in the grocery store sometimes, but eggs vary by size whether they are organic or not. Organic eggs don’t have the nasty chemicals that some factory farm eggs have in them, though, so they’re generally healthier for you.

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    No, size has to do with how old the hen is, what breed it is and the bird’s weight. Older and heavier hens will produce larger eggs. When you purchase eggs, regardless of whether or not they are organic, they will be labeled according to size. You can purchase “large” organic eggs, just the same as you purchase “large” non-organic eggs. In general, overcrowding of birds, a poor diet, and high heat and stress can lead to eggs that weigh less and therefore fit into a smaller size class. This suggests that organic egg production, which typically provides more space for birds, may even produce greater proportions of larger eggs.

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    Average egg size varies from breed to breed, and is further dependent on if that particular breed is cared for as it should be. Different breeds of hens have different feeding and environmental requirements that allow them to reach peak production capacity in terms of egg size. These requirements (easily met by both organic farmers and mass-producers if large eggs are the goal) are described in the cited chart.

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