Are online universities gaining popularity?



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    Yes definitely.  The recent economic downturn has caused budget issues.  This has made congress take money from education across the nation.  The result of this is higher prices for traditional colleges.  Online universities have gained popularity because they are a more affordable option for students of all ages.  Also, people are having to work while they go to school and online universities offer flexible schedules to match these needs. 

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    Yes, online univeristies have seen a steady rise in enrollment.  Job losses in the decline economic environment and the flexibility of online platforms has helped the increase in enrollment in online universities. Online degrees are also becoming more and more legitimate with some universities’ online degrees being as valid as traditional degrees.

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    Adding to what everyone else already said, online universities are an easy and cost effective way for people to go back to school at any time. Since many people have lost their jobs, going back to school to get another degree can improve their chances of finding work. Being able to do this on your own time in the comfort of your own home makes this a very popular alternative to traditional schooling. Also, with many state universities being impacted, not having to worry about crowded classrooms or parking lots is an added bonus. 

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    Absolutely, they are! Sloan Consortium conducts an annual survey on the state of online learning in the country and they have been reporting an increase in the number of online enrollments every year for the last few years.  That’s a good indicator that a lot of students have embraced this mode of education and why not, online degrees have so many benefits that make them so popular among students.

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