Are the Olympics the perfect forum for social change?



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    This is difficult to answer, but the Olympics have proven to be a great setting for developing “diplomatic” change, at least. Looking just at the past century, the world has gone through the Berlin Games of 1936, where Hitler promoted the supremacy of the German race (it’s a social change anyways!); then the Black Power athletes’ salute at the Mexico Games in 1968 (another big social action); four years later, terrorists assaulted the Israeli national team in Munich; in 1980, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, President Reagan called for a boycott of the Games hosted in Moscow. This brief summary, together with the important rotation the OIC develops, helps undestand the importance of the Olympic Games (and sports in general) for social change.

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    Absolutely.  It draws in a global audience on such a mass level.  The advertisements and commericals during the televised events provide a huge window of opportunity to get messages out and encourage education and individual participation towards change.  The Olympics in Beijing a few years ago shed a lot of light on the surrounding areas filled with debris and caused conversation world-wide.

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