Are olives good for your body?



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    There are all sorts of good things to say about olives, but they aren’t exactly the perfect green crop, either.

    Pros: Olives are widely known to be healthy. Check the URL article below, it goes on, and on and on about all the beneficial aspects. Cured olives can be eaten straight, cooked, and pickled. Olive oil is a healthy alternative to many cheaper oils.

    Cons: Olive trees leach their soil, making it difficult to grow anything else there, again. They require regular pruning. Curing olives often involves lye, and very often salt. While the lye is removed, the salt is not, making them unacceptable food in any quantity for people with high-blood pressure, for example. Almost all olives are grown in the hot Mediterreanean area, which means that in North American they must be imported over 1,000s of miles. There have been recent scandals about mislabeling of Virgin Olive Oil, which means that many millions of customers have been grossly overpaying. Finally, olive oil starts to age immediately after being pressed — it doesn’t matter that a bottle is sealed. Olive oil that is a year old is worse than new olive oil — and often there’s no easy way to tell from the container how old it is.

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