Are the old Xerox machines that used purple ink bad for the environment?



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    I think you mean dittos. Back in the old days reproduction was done using a ditto machine and a ditto mater sheet. The master has ink on it (purplish blue). The pigment was Aniline, it is a blood toxin and contact should be avoided. It is not particularly toxic when used to make the pigment.

    “One of the simplest aromatic chemicals (a substance related to benzene, with its carbon atoms joined in a ring). When pure, it is a colorless oily liquid; it has a characteristic odor, and turns brown on contact with air. It occurs in coal tar, and is used in the rubber industry and to make drugs and dyes. It is highly poisonous.
    Aniline was discovered in 1826, and was originally prepared by the dry distillation of indigo, hence its name. In the 19th century, the production of aniline-based dyes was a key industry.”

    “The ditto machine (spirit duplicator) used two-ply “spirit masters” or “ditto masters”. The first sheet could be typed, drawn, or written upon. The second sheet was coated with a layer of colored wax. The pressure of writing or typing on the top sheet transferred colored wax to its back side, producing a mirror image of the desired marks. (This acted like a reverse of carbon paper.) The two sheets were then separated, and the first sheet was fastened onto the drum of the (manual or electrical) machine, with the waxed side out.”

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