Are old cut flowers good to put into a compost pile?



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    Fresh but wilted cut flowers can be composted but avoid adding the vase water if it has been enhanced with chemicals.  The only concern with putting flowers into compost whether the flowers has gone to seed.  Most cut flowers in bouquets are unable to go to seed, due to the energy it takes.  Although, seedlings can easily be weeded from the compost if the problem occurs.

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    Almost all organic plant matter is appropriate for the compost heap, though you are right to question OLD and dried cut flowers as they will be high in carbon. The trick is to get the right carbon-nitrogen balance. Productive microbial activity-responsible for a healthy, useable compost-is only possible if the right nutrient levels are existent and available. Carbon has been compared to the “carbs” we require, and nitrogen like protein. I agree with the answer above that suggests omitting plants gone to seed, but would add that it is only weed species that are of concern. Also, refrain from and those that are “green, brown, dried, made into paper or cardboard, wood chips or sawdust, sea weed etc.”



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