Are offshore wind farms more efficient that other wind farms?



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    It’s not that offshore wind farms are technically more efficient, but they tend to be functioning more often because of more sustained (and higher speed) winds. This is an increase in something called capacity factor. The capacity factor is what percentage of the “nameplate” energy a power plant produces. It represents the fact that plants are running 100% all the time. There are three ways to increase the energy produced by a power plant: Have more units, have higher efficiency units, or have a higher capacity factor. Offshore wind addresses the latter one of these points.

    It brings up an important note about offshore wind energy. These installations tend to cost more than onshore per KW. When you install a 5 megawatt set of turbines, it will cost more offshore than on land. This is often made up for by the higher capacity factor however, meaning that the offshore installation will produce energy closer to the 5 megawatts it could potentially.

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