Are odor blocking trash bags green?



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    The problem with odor blocking trash bags is 2 fold. First, we have no idea what chemicals they are using to make the bags odor blocking. Because it is not a food product, they are not required to put their ingredients on the label. Second, the bags are plastic, which takes several hundred years to break down in a landfill. Your best bet is to buy biodegradable bags made of recycled plastic. Then shake a little baking soda onto the bottom of the trash can and bag to help block the odors. If you still have a problem with odors, then start composting. You can have a small bucket that you put vegetable peels and other biodegradable trash in, and you would either empty it daily into a compost pile or trash can. The odors are caused by things breaking down, so if you were taking that kind of trash out daily, you shouldn’t have odors in your trash can anymore. In fact, your trash can would be full of mostly recyclables anyway! 

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    There is only one biodegradable odor blocking bag that I have been able to find. OdorNo makes single use bags that work great for our smelliest trash.

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