Are octopuses the smartest animal in the ocean?



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    I do not think so. It is hard to tell for sure, but it is considered that most members of the dolphin family are the smartest animals in the ocean. Octopus are up there though, they considered to be one of the ten smartest animals in the world. They are in fact considered the smartest invertebrate in the world. 

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    I agree. The bottlenosed dolphin is considered the #2 smartest animal in the world, while the same list puts the North Pacific Giant Octopus at #5. Octopuses have demonstrated long-term memories, can open jars and solve puzzles, and have been found to store up coconuts to build forts to hide from predators (showing their forward-planning). Dolphins have very large brains and can also plan and solve problems, as well as demonstrate complex emotions.

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