Are octopus smart?



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    Well, the plural form is “octupi,” but your question isn’t about grammar at all! Yes, octupi are very smart animals! They have been known to escape from tanks that are specifically designed to keep them from escaping, as well as complete many different problem-solving tasks. Octupi are actually considered to be the smartest of all invertebrates. THey have both short as well as long-term memory. They are also the only invertebrate that has been noted using tools! Several specimens have been videorecorded using coconut shells to construct shelters.

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    I asked my boss if we could get a pet octopus for our workplace and he said “no!” for several reasons, but one was because they are so smart.  He cited the fact that octopi are able to break out of their tanks (as mentioned above) and in pet stores or aquariums, can also break into other tanks and eat the inhabitants overnight.  I also heard this NPR story about a smart octopus in Germany who learned how to squirt water at a light above it’s tank and ended up shorting out the entire aquarium’s electrical system.  They now give him new toys, like a chess board, to keep this octopus occupied.

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    Yes, they are very smart.  There is actually a really cool video taken by a diver where an octopus steals his camera.  Watch the link below, its actually really cool! 

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