Are the new TV’s worse for the environment than the old ones?



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    All TV’s are essentially harmful to the environment in some way. The newer ones, however, may have something called nitrogen triflouride which is extremely harmful to the environment and your health. It is toxic and can remain airborne for hundreds of years. I’d say that the magnitude of new chemicals in these computers might make them slightly worse than the older ones. It would be best to simply not have a TV.

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    A larger TV is worse for the environment than a smaller TV because it consumes more power, and LCDs are better because they consume less electricity and they contain less lead because they have fewer Cathode Ray Tubes. You should also avoid flame-retardants, such as deco-BDE (deca-brominated biphenyl ethers), and check current energy use ratings ( But overall, I agree with meg707, it is more eco-friendly not to own one. 🙂

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