Are the new sandwiches at Jack in the Box better for the environment than a burger?



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    They might be depending on where the ingredients are sourced.  If the meat comes from sustainable pig and turkey farms, then they might just be more environmentally friendly than your average burger.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find where Jack in the Box sources their meat from.  I’d recommend calling your local franchise, maybe they can let you know.

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    The reason why one food item would be better or worse for the environment is all about where the ingredients come from and how the food is prepared. Since these sandwiches still have meat, vegetables, and bread that is coming from the same suppliers that the rest of their food is coming from. And they are still cooking in the same facilities, so they may be healthier but they are not better for the environment.

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    I think I agree with laram.  I don’t believe these sandwiches would be more environmentally friendly. You may think that since the burgers are grilled and the sandwich meat is not, that the sandwiches would be use less energy, but the bread for the sandwiches is also grilled.  Also they likely operate one grill for burgers and one for bread, so they are most probably running constantly regardless if they have a customer waiting on a meal.  Additionally, greengenie is correct in saying you should look at the source of the food.  Perhaps if the ingredients for the sandwich are more local than the burger meat you could say it is slightly more environmentally friendly.

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