Are new diesel cars harmful for the environment?



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    The new diesel cars on the market are now 15-20% more efficient than petroleum cars and are becoming more popular around the world, such as in England where they now make up more than 50% of registered vehicles. But there are serious health and environmental harms caused by diesel emissions. The emissions contain Nitrous Oxide, which is linked to damage to the ozone, and other harmful substances linked to conditions like asthma and cancer. Although diesel is more efficient, is causes serious problems in the environment and for human health so it is perhaps not the best fuel alternative to petroleum.

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    One even more environmentally sound solution is biodiesel!  Biodiesel is fuel made from animal and/or human excreta.  The truly amazing fact?—any diesel running engine can be converted to be a biodiesel motor!

    Some facts about biodiesel are cited below.

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    Another type of biodiesel fuel is made from plant oil (vegetable oil & olive oil).

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    In the U.S. the “clean diesel” standard is being set.  Clean diesel emissions begin with using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, which was to be made standard in December 2010.  Newer technolgies in clean diesel vehicles allow them to filter out harmful emissions by using particulate filters and additives.  These filtering systems are capable of reaching 100% filtration depending on the manufacturer and how their exhaust systems are designed.

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