Are natural skin care products better for your skin?



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    Yes. Your skin absorbs the skin care products, and this can include toxic chemicals used in making that product. Take a look at the ingredients on lotions to make sure they are natural and not synthetic. Some synthetic ingredients they put in may not necessarily be harmful, but they can do things like increase acne problems.

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    First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that there are not regulated definitions for natural or organic cosmetics and personal care products in the US.  What that means is that manufacturers can (and do) make claims about being natural and organic when their product formulations are far from what you would expect.

    And, just because a product is natural does not necessarily mean it’s better for your skin.  It’s confusing to say the least, so stick with brands and retailers you trust.

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     Most importantly I think you have to look at the long term. There certainly are a lot of products that make your skin look great. However, do we know all the ingredients in each product? And what effects will they have 15 years from now? I always feel the safest sticking with all natural products.Someone once told me that if you wouldn`t put it in your mouth don`t put it on your skin. Great advice! I found a really good book called skinsational that is full of natural skin care recipes. Hope that helps!

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