Are natural disasters expected to increase in the future?



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    Though partially due to improved measurement and communications technology, trendlines have shown natural disasters increasing. Many scientists peg this rise to global warming, but there have been natural fluctuations in temperature and weather that also affect the amount of storms. However, one must keep in mind that an event is classified as a natural disaster if it kills 10 or more people. Because people are increasingly urbanizing flood-prone regions. Covering large land areas with cement makes the water flow stronger. So though we’ve planned cities and buildings to be more resistant to natural disasters, we’ve also made ourselves more prone to them.

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    According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, natural disasters are expected to increase, at least before the year 2100. With increased levels of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, the greater the average global temperature will become, creating a domino effect of climate change. These changes include the melting of polar ice caps, leading to rise in sea levels, which is projected to create disastrous flooding along coastlines and other areas. Frequency of other weather events such as hurricanes is expected to increase as well, with changes in temperature affecting the Gulf Stream, which greatly influences the climate of North America.

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