Are the Native American Indians a good example of how people should treat the Earth?



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    I am Native American, so I think I can answer this question well. The problem with the “non-native” population, is that they tend to view natives and any “savage” or aboriginal people as being better than themselves. It’ is called the “noble savage.” It is the glorified and romanticized view of Native peoples. But Natives are humans. They can murder, steal, hate, and do all the bad things that humans are capable of. As humans, Natives are just as capable of littering as non-natives. Your question is guilty of the noble savage viewpoint in that it assumes all Native American’s have a good relationship with the environment, as if they are all still living in teepees and praying to the rain god to water their crops so they don’t starve. 

    Quote from link below: “A character who is portrayed as nobler or of higher moral fibre than the norm, due to their race or ethnicity, which is that of a barbaric or savage tribe. (Often regarded as living theGood Old Ways). The savages in question are quite often American Indians, so you could probably call them Mary Sioux. Rare nowadays, except as a Sci Fi alien- though it has made something of a comeback with the idea of Magical Native American people being more in tune with nature than the greedy white people.”

    Based on this information, I encourage you to re-examine the stereotype of the Native American and ask yourself why you assume they are greener than “whites.” 

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