are naked juices organic?



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    Yes, it is organic. Its name, “Naked”, is meant to symbolize the purity of all their ingredients. They stress how they add no sugars, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

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    Naked Juices are not organic, however, their juices do not contain sugar additives or preservatives.  The company mantra “Nothing to Hide” salutes their committment to making all natural products, with 100% juice made from the best “bare naked fruits.”  However, even though their product is all natural, that is not the same as organic.  In order for a company to be able to label their product “organic” they must follow the USDA guidelines prohibiting the use of pesticides, treated seed, and synthetic fertilizers during the cultivation process.  Whereas farmers growing “all natural” ingredients are not held to the same strict guidelines and the fruit in these juices were most likely grown using pesticides and other synthetic materials.

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