Are Mvessel containers any good?



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    mVESSEL containers are neat because they are waterproof, airtight, durable, and they are small enough to fit in pockets. They are dishwasher safe (on the top shelf) and can be cleaned with soap and water easily. mVESSELS might not be able to withstand a 10 story fall, but they are very durable. They have survived falls up to 15 feet, but they are still glass, so caution is still advised. Just about anything can be stored in mVESSELS. They are most commonly used for storing tobacco, herbs, candy, coins, and goods for camping or marine environments. These products are even able to float. The tight seal eliminates odors.

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    I have a four of them and I love them. Glass wrapped in rubber to protect it from falls???? Genius! They are the only glass jars I found that will fit in my pocket without looking like I “have a JAR in my pocket”. Cheaper on eBAY.

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