Are most of T. Boone Pickens investments green companies?



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    No, T Boone is an oil and gas man.

    He made his money in the oil and gas industry and his current stock holdings are 91.9% in oil and gas. Check out his stock portfolio:

    T Boone has made headlines in the last year due to the creation of his “Picken’s Plan” which is basically a massive wind turbine project in the midwest. The website for the plan is:

    The plan was canceled though due to the price of natural gas and the credit crisis which froze up the financial industry. Natural gas needs to get more expensive for the plan to be economical, oil needs to also stay up in price. T Boone says that the plan will still happen, it is just a matter of time.

    Check out the links below for news articles about T Boone introducing the plan and then canceling the plan.

    T Boone is also a great philanthropist, but he sometimes donates money in a way that it comes back to the companies that he profits from:

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