Are most people that ride bikes to work fitness gurus?



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    No. Not everyone who rides their bike to work is a fitness guru. Furthermore, many fitness gurus drive a car to work.

    There are many other reasons that people ride bikes to work other than for a workout:

    – PARKING: Parking at many facilities is becoming more limited and thus more expensive and more of a hassle.

    – TRAFFIC: Using a traffic-free bike route may take equal or less time than driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the road.

    – FRESH MORNING START: A morning ride can be a more invigorating start to the day than a cup of coffee.

    – ENVIRONMENT: Riding a bike to work saves fuel that would otherwise be burned in the car.

    However, it is true that many people who ride bikes to work are health-conscious and fit, though I wouldn’t necessarily consider them “fitness gurus.”

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