Are forests the most important type of land on earth?



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    There’s no doubt that forests play an important role on the Earth. Forests currently cover about 9.4 percent of the Earth’s surface/30 percent of the total land area. Forests are one of the Earth’s most important biospheres (i.e. all of Earth’s ecosystems) as they function as hydrologic flow modulators, habitats for many organisms on earth and provide soil conservation. They are extremely important for biodiversity and are amongst the most productive of Earth’s ecosystems and are crucial for removing carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere (especially old growth, or extremely old, forests). With deforestation, we run the risk of more CO2 in the atmosphere, more soil erosion, higher possibilities of flooding, less water evaporation into the atmosphere, and more. Forests have critical implications for climate change and access to natural resources and biodiversity. So, in a way, one could say that forests are in fact the most important type of land on earth, but many types of ecosystems are important when contibuting to the natural biodiversity of our Earth.

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